Think You Know Twitter?

Brands across the globe are using Twitter as a marketing communication vehicle without measuring their successes. Are you
making this mistake?


The most comprehensive Twitter analytics, period

Easy access to valuable social data

Twitalyzer provides one-click access to the richest body of metrics for Twitter accounts available today. By combining basic Twitter measures with demographic data, widely used metrics like Klout, and our own proprietary scores, Twitalyzer is a "one stop shop" for all of your Twitter analytics needs.


Detailed reporting for deep-dive analysis

Twitalyzer 5.0 provides an industry-first multidimensional view of the 50+ metrics we provide in our "Trends" report. The result is a powerful analytical tool that allows social marketers a unique view of which of their efforts are creating value and driving business results.


Real-time data means real-time insights

Twitalyzer data can be refreshed in real-time, allowing social marketers the ability to accurately gauge their efforts to engage audiences in Twitter with little more than the click of a button. What's more, we now offer hourly automatic processing for high-volume accounts!


Data export, everywhere

At Twitalyzer we recognize that Twitter is just one of your social channels. To that end we have enabled "export everywhere" functionality so that any report you create can easily be integrated into everything else you do. We also provide amazing APIs to facilitate ongoing reporting.


Klout is your FICO score. Twitalyzer is your checkbook


Klout is the standard for social influence, but like your personal FICO score, your Klout scores change slowly based on dramatic changes in behavior. Twitalyzer is the perfect compliment to Klout — our scoring system is designed to highlight changes in behavior immediately.

Just like like your checkbook rises and falls as you make and spend money, Twitalyzer's Impact, Engagement, and Influence scores reacts instantly when your social efforts are effective at driving interest and connecting to the audience you're looking for.


Twitalyzer is optimized for mobile

Twitalyzer 5.0 has been completely rebuilt to work across all browing platforms. Now you can:


Monitor your Twitter efforts from anywhere


Gain unique insights about new friends, contacts, and presenters


Understand immediately why your scores are improving or declining


Immediately determine which key influencers are connecting with your live events

What's more, Twitalyzer provides a highly streamlined interface for the Apple iPhone so that you can always be connected to the results of your social marketing efforts.


Twitalyzer Shut-Down Notice as of September 28, 2013